Dental assistant

Dental sector
24 000 to 30 000€
average gross income / year
Degree bac or CAP
Dental assistant title
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What does the dental assistant do? What is his role?

The dental assistant is a professional whose role is to help the dental surgeon so that he/she can perform his/her interventions. His missions are oriented towards the assistance to the care of the patients, such as:

  • The installation of the patients in the chair;
  • Sterilization of instruments and preparation of care trays;
  • The preparation and hygiene of the treatment room;
  • Maintaining and respecting the hygiene and asepsis standards of the practice;
  • The work with four hands assisting the dental surgeon during the interventions;
  • Management of medical equipment inventory;
  • Updating of patient records;
  • Sterilization of medical instruments;
  • Providing oral hygiene advice;
  • Any additional task of assistant to the Dental Surgeon;

The dental assistant forms a binomial with his practitioner, real thinking head his role is to anticipate and accompany him during the interventions so that he can devote himself entirely to his patient. Thedental assistant is also the intermediary between the dentist, the patients and other dentalprofessionals (the dental technician, for example).

What are the expected skills?

The dental assistant carries out a versatile activity. For the administrative part, it is essential that he/she masters office and medical software and that he/she is organized, since his/her tasks may includeorganizing schedules, managing material stocks or updating patient files.

The dental assistant must also have a solid knowledge of dental care. Indeed, one of the facets of his job is to assist the practitioner during dental care and interventions. Here again, he/she must be organized and must perfectly master the rules of hygiene and asepsis, since he/she is in charge of preparing the instrument trays.

In addition to his knowledge of the medical and dental field, his mastery of computer tools and his organization, the dental assistant must also have excellent interpersonal skills, as he works in direct contact with patients. Thus, kindness and empathy are two essential qualities to reassure the most anxious patients.

The advantages of the dental assistant profession


The profession of dental assistant has many advantages. Indeed, it is a highly sought-after profession where young dental assistants have no trouble finding a job as soon as they graduate.

Dental assistants have a versatile job, where they never fall into a routine. Indeed, his tasks are diversified and go from the reception of the patients to the organization of the schedules, while passing by the assistance to the practitioner during the dental care.

How to become a dental assistant ?

To become a dental assistant, training is mandatory in France and is accessible from a level V diploma (BEP, CAP, etc.).

The training takes place over 18 months with an alternating rhythm that is shared between one day at the training center and the rest of the time at the dental center.

During his training, the future dental assistant acquires knowledge and techniques that are essential for the practice of his profession, such as:

  • The notions of oral anatomy;
  • Knowledge of oral pathologies;
  • Oral treatments;
  • Dental materials;
  • Hygiene and asepsis procedures;
  • Performance of administrative tasks;
  • The execution of technical tasks in the dental office;
  • Etc.

What are the career paths for a dental assistant?

After several years of practice, the dental assistant can, if he/she wishes, take additional training courses in order to specialize in one of the branches of dentistry (orthodontics, implantology, periodontology, etc.) and benefit from a more interesting salary.

After a few years in the profession, the dental assistant may also be required to develop managerial skills and lead a team of assistants by becoming a Referring Dental Assistant
or even take on more responsibilities within the center by holding the positions of Coordinator and Manager.

What is the salary for a dental assistant?

The dental assistant benefits from a fair salary, which can be increased thanks to his/her seniority in the profession. His/her salary can also increase if he/she decides to specialize in one of the branches of dentistry.

The dental assistant receives a fair salary, which can be increased by seniority in the profession. His or her salary may also increase if he or she decides to specialize in one of the branches of dentistry.

What you should know about the profession of dental assistant

Level of studyBac or CAP
TrainingTitle of dental assistant
Salary24 000 to 30 000€ / year

Dentego’s DNA is based on one major principle: the guarantee of access to care for all.
With more than 80 centers all over France, Dentego is looking for qualified dental assistants to join its teams!
At Dentego, patient care is fast, comprehensive and personalized, allowing you to be fully dedicated to your job as a dental assistant.
Because Dentego places great emphasis on the working environment of its employees, our dental assistants benefit from modern centers equipped with the latest technologies (ETK, A-Dec, Geistlich, 3Shape).

Qualified dental assistants benefit from a comprehensive training program to develop their skills.
Whether you are an experienced dental assistant or a trainee, joining Dentego means you can actively participate in the best dental health for all.


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