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What are the support functions at Dentego?

To ensure the smooth running of Dentego’s dental health centers, the support functions at the Head Office, based in Boulogne-Billancourt, are at their disposal on a daily basis to :

  • Ensure the administrative discharge of the centers

The third-party payment service relieves the centers of the burden of administration in order to optimize the daily patient approach by monitoring teletransmission and payment reconciliation with third-party payment organizations:

  • Training our employees through our organization

Our internal training organization allows all our employees to become players in their professional careers and to increase their skills. In this sense, the Training Department supports Dentego employees in all their training, whether clinical or non-clinical

  • Facilitating the smooth flow of patients

Our tele-secretaries’ mission is to reduce the number of calls to the centers in order to improve the quality of patient reception in the centers.
At the service of the centers, the 21 telerecretaries receive and handle calls from patients wishing to obtain information, make an appointment or contact a center for more specific requests arising during their care.
In addition, the Patient Relations department, dedicated to all our patients, manages all clinical disputes in order to guarantee a high level of quality for all and to react in case of necessary adjustments

  • Recruiting talent to our centers

The recruitment of medical and administrative teams for all our centers is also centralized at headquarters thanks to a dedicated team with expertise in medical recruitment. Our priority is to create and unite teams around a common project: guaranteeing access to quality dental care for all.

What you need to know about the support functions

Dentego’s DNA is based on one major principle: guaranteeing access to care for all.
With more than 80 centers all over France, Dentego is looking for passionate and motivated talents to join the Dentego adventure.
Because Dentego places great emphasis on the working environment of its employees, our support functions enjoy a pleasant environment within friendly teams in the heart of Boulogne-Billancourt.
All our employees have the opportunity to evolve, to train and to progress in their profession thanks to our training organization which allows them to develop their skills.
Whether you work in a center or at the head office, joining Dentego means that you can play an active role in improving dental health for all.