Our values


At Dentego, we are committed to using our knowledge and expertise to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and safety. At all levels of the Group, we are always striving for excellence.


Dentego innovates and invests in digitalization, both in the processes and in the latest equipment.
Our goal? To guarantee an ever more optimal patient and employee experience.


Dentego’s DNA is based on one observation: the lack of access to dental care.
In this sense, we guarantee access to care for all, without discrimination of any kind, age, means or social coverage. When working at Dentego, our commitment is illustrated through simple, exemplary gestures and appropriate behavior.


Accessibility at Dentego means being present everywhere in France, especially in under-serviced areas, accessible by public transport and to people with reduced mobility.
It also means offering a wide range of hours to best meet patient demand.

Finally, being accessible also means allowing everyone to contact each other.


Caring means putting people at the heart of everything: from the environment to the working relationships for ever more conviviality.
It means encouraging sharing, listening, exchanging and developing empathy for our patients as well as our employees.


Passion is above all doing the job you love.
Passion for a profession that places the human side at the heart of its activity while combining the technical aspect of the profession!
It is the pleasure of (re)giving a smile to patients and colleagues alike
, but also of sharing one’s knowledge and experience with colleagues.
Passionate you are, passionate you will be at Dentego!