Dental Surgeon

Dental sector
from 27% to 32%
average gross income / year
Bac +10
degree of doctor of dental surgery
Relational skills
Analytical mindset

What does the dental surgeon do? What is his role?

The dental surgeon, as his name indicates, is a specialist in surgical interventions concerning all dental and oral pathologies. His tasks are multiple and depend on the situation of the professional as well as his specialization:

  • He treats cavities and oral abscesses;
  • He takes x-rays and interprets them;
  • He prepares prostheses and makes casts;
  • He takes care of the straightening of the jaw and the teeth;
  • Etc.

The role of the dental surgeon / odontologist is to care for the entire oral area (teeth, jaws and gums), but also to ensure the
aesthetic aspect of the smile and the alignment of the teeth. This professional can choose to keep the title of dental surgeon, or follow a specialization allowing him to operate on very young children, or to specialize in dental implants, for example.

What are the required qualities?

The profession of dental surgeon is extremely demanding on a daily basis and requires rigor and a great capacity for concentration. In addition to having completed a minimum of 6 years of university studies, and 4 additional years for specializations, the dental surgeon must possess great human qualities.

They must be logical,empathetic and have good interpersonal skills, since they work in constant contact with their patients.

Of course, he must be able to identify all pathologies, propose adapted treatments and master perfectly the techniques of dentistry.
The spirit of analysis anddaily organization are also essential qualities for any dental surgeon.

The advantages of the profession of dental surgeon


  • It is a profession in the dental sector that is highly prized for its many advantages and its lack of monotony on a daily basis;
  • In addition, the profession of dental surgeon offers excellent remuneration and numerous employment opportunities;
  • Since the studies are long and complicated, there are currently few dentists: they therefore have no difficulty in building up a patient base

How to become a dental surgeon?

The academic path to becoming a dental surgeon is particularly long, especially if the professional wishes to specialize. First of all, it is essential to obtain the general baccalaureate, if possible within the scientific option.
Then, it is recommended to follow a first year of medicine before entering the dentistry course, which will last at least 5 years. Students have the possibility to complete their postgraduate studies in three years instead of one, thus increasing the level of their diploma to a maximum of 10 years. The long cycle allows students to eventually reach careers in the hospital environment.

The studies of dentistry allow the dental surgeon to acquire specific knowledge, such as

  • The functioning of the diagnosis ;
  • Theoretical knowledge of oral and dental pathologies;
  • The structure of the teeth, gums and maxillae;
  • Knowledge of medical imaging;
  • The risk situations and the gestures to adopt;
  • Dissection and operation of surgical devices;
  • A precise knowledge of first aid procedures;
  • The operation and method of placing prostheses;
  • Etc.

The long cycle, also called internship, allows students to choose a specialization. Thus, at the end of this internship, accessible only through a competitive examination, students can obtain a Diploma of Specialized Studies in :

  • In oral surgery ;
  • In oral medicine;
  • In dentofacial orthopedics

What are the career paths for a dental surgeon?

Since the profession of dental surgeon is already a specialization in itself, there are few career paths for dental surgery professionals. It is possible to leave private practice to join a dental health center where everything is done to ensure that the activity of dentists is exclusively dedicated to patient care. The dental surgeon also has the possibility of becoming a coach dentist, referral dentist or ambassador dentist by participating in recruitment sessions.
It is also common for dentists to leave practice at the end of their career to devote themselves to teaching at universities.

What is the salary for a dental surgeon?

A dental surgeon who works as a private practitioner can expect to earn a high monthly salary depending on his years of experience and specialties.

What you should know about the profession of dental surgeon

EDUCATIONDiploma of Doctor of Dental Surgery
SALARYfrom 27 to 32% depending on experience

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