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What does a pediatrically oriented dentist do? What is their role?

A dental surgeon is a professional who specializes in pediatric dentistry. Their role is to support and provide dental care to children and adolescents. As a specialist in children’s teeth, a pediatric dentist performs a number of tasks on a daily basis:

  • They perform consultations;
  • Ensures the correct formation of teeth and the correct growth of the child’s jaw and face;
  • Identifies possible maxillofacial abnormalities in children;
  • Provides dental care to correct these abnormalities;
  • Educates children on oral hygiene and proper oral hygiene practices;
  • Educates children on oral hygiene and proper oral hygiene practices;

While the primary role of the pediatric dentist is to monitor the development of the child’s teeth and oral tissues, he or she must also establish a relationship of trust with his or her young patients, reassuring them and providing them with as serene an experience as possible, in order to avoid the development of stomatophobia (fear of the dentist).

What are the expected skills and characteristics?

Training to become a pediatric dental surgeon is lengthy, so you must have a passion for science, especially dentistry, before beginning your studies in this field. Upon completion of training, a pediatric dentist must master all the theory and techniques of pediatric dental care.

In addition to a good memory and a great capacity for concentration, the pediatric dentist must have excellent manual dexterity and be very meticulous, as he or she is required to provide complex dental care to his or her patients (treatment of decayed teeth, reconstruction of baby teeth, etc.)

The dentist who practices pediatric dentistry must also possess great human qualities. Indeed, this professional works in direct contact with a very young patient base and must be able to establish a relationship of trust with each of his patients. Calmness, patience and pedagogy are therefore essential to this profession.

The benefits of being a pediatric dentist


Although the education to become a pediatric dentist is lengthy, this medical profession is particularly rewarding. Pediatric dentists work with young patients, which is a real advantage for those who enjoy working with children.

This profession is also in high demand in large cities. It is therefore easy to build up a patient base. In addition, the pediatric dentist is a profession where there is no monotony, with a very attractive remuneration.

How does one become a pediatric dental surgeon?

Training in this discipline lasts 7 to 8 years, as the future professional must specialize in pediatric dentistry in order to obtain the title of pediatric dentist. After obtaining a general baccalaureate in the scientific field, the student must validate the first common year of health studies (PACES) before entering the dentistry curriculum, common to all dental professions.

At the end of the six years of general dentistry studies, the student who wishes to become a pediatric dentist must complete his or her training with a specialization in pediatrics. Several options are therefore possible:

  • The student trains in 1 year in pediatric dentistry and obtains a certificate of advanced studies (CES) in pediatric dentistry and prevention;
  • The student prepares a university diploma (DU) in clinical pediatric dentistry in 2 years.

This complementary training to the studies of dentistry allows the future professional to acquire theoretical and technical knowledge, such as

  • Knowledge of the development and growth of the child’s dentition;
  • The particularities of the child’s dentition;
  • Specific oral pathologies of the child;
  • Specific oral pathologies of the child;
  • Etc.

What are the career opportunities for a pediatric dentist?

Because pediatric dentistry is a specialization of the dental profession, there is no real career progression in this profession. However, a dentist with a pediatric focus may decide to open his or her own practice as a private practitioner.

If they excel in their field, they can become head of a pediatric dental surgery department in a renowned hospital. It is also possible to leave a private practice and join a fee-based practice in a health center, for example.

What is the salary for the profession of pediatric dental surgeon?

Salary can vary depending on several factors. A pediatric dentistry professional can expect to earn an attractive salary that can vary depending on the practice setting, location and years of experience in the profession.

Who hires a pediatric dentist?

Like many dental professionals, pediatric dentists may work independently in a private practice. They may also work in a group practice with other oral health professionals.

They may also work in public or private clinics or hospitals.

What you need to know about the pediatric dentistry profession

EDUCATIONDoctorate in Pediatric Dentistry
SALARYto 27 from 32% according to experience

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