Medical Secretary

Dental sector
23 000 to 28 000€
average gross income / year
Bac +2 to +3
FCIL medical-administrative assistant secretary
Relational skills

What does the medical secretary do? What is his/her role?

The medical secretary / medico-social secretary / medico-administrative assistant is a person whose role is to assist health professionals. A position with multiple responsibilities, the medical secretary occupies a multi-purpose position, where many missions are entrusted to him/her:

  • He/she manages the telephone switchboard of the structure in which he/she works;
  • They organize the schedules of the practitioners with whom they work;
  • She is in charge of making appointments with the practitioners;
  • She is in charge of the reception of the patients;
  • She is in charge of the computerization, updating and archiving of the patients’ files;
  • She is in charge of the payment of medical procedures;
  • She is the interface with the different reimbursement organizations (Social Security and Mutual Insurance Companies, etc. …..), sending, receiving and managing the claims;
  • She will be in charge of receiving and writing letters.

The role of the medical secretary is toaccompany and simplify the daily life of the health professional by relieving him of administrative tasks, while acting as an intermediary with his patients.

What are the expected traits?

The medical secretary, who assists various health professionals, must have basic knowledge in the dental or medical field, but also an increased knowledge of the administrative system and the functioning of health insurance. In addition, this administrative professional must master the various computer tools with which he/she works on a daily basis (office and medical software).

In addition to being organized and methodical, the medical secretary must also possess human qualities, since he or she is in direct contact with patients. Thus, calmness, patience and empathy are essential qualities to reassure patients. Moreover, discretion is also an essential quality in this profession, as the medical secretary is subject to medical secrecy.

Advantages of the medical secretary’s job


The profession of medical secretary has theadvantage of a short training, easily accessible. The medical and social secretary has a rewarding job because he/she is in permanent contact with patients. While they must be passionate about management and the medical field, they must also be patient and diplomatic when dealing with anxious or unhappy patients.
Versatile, this professional never faces monotony thanks to his numerous and diversified tasks (managing agendas, making appointments, welcoming patients, etc.).

How to become a medical secretary?

The job of medical secretary is easily accessible, and there are several paths to obtaining the title of medical-social assistant secretary.
After obtaining a professional baccalaureate in Management and Administration or a technological baccalaureate in Health and Social Sciences and Technologies (ST2S), students can choose to continue their studies by opting for specialized training in medical secretarial work, such as

  • The complementary training of local initiative (FCIL) medical secretary/medical-social secretary;
  • Training for the profession of medical secretary at a distance with organizations such as the CNED or the CEF;
  • Medical and medico-social secretary training provided by the Red Cross.

Students can also choose to prepare for the competitive examination for medical administrative assistant in the hospital civil service (AMAFPH).

What are the career paths for a medical secretary?

Several career paths are possible for medical secretaries. Thus, this management and administration professional can work for several practitioners if he/she wishes to increase his/her remuneration. He/she can evolve towards positions with managerial dimensions, such as Coordinator or Center Manager.

What is the salary for the medical secretary job?

The medical secretary’s salary can evolve and be revised upwards thanks to his or her years of seniority and the training courses followed during his or her career.

What you should know about the medical secretary job

TRAININGSFCIL medical-administrative assistant secretary
SALARY23 000 à 28 000€

Dentego’s DNA is based on one major principle: the guarantee of access to care for all.
With more than 80 centers all over France, Dentego is looking for medical secretaries to join its teams!
Because Dentego puts a point of honor in the working environment of its employees, our medical secretaries benefit from a modern working environment.
They benefit from the support of a team of secretaries for telephone appointments, internal training opportunities to develop their skills and prospects for advancement as a medical secretary referent.

Whether you are an experienced medical secretary or a trainee, joining Dentego means that you can actively participate in the best of dental health for all.